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Video calls with super fast, high quality sound

A new way of collaborating with people all over the world with a low-latency and high-quality audio network.

Audio is sent as fast as possible at a high bitrate to ensure it sounds just like how it was captured.

No special hardware is needed, just a desktop computer with an internet connection.

From London and Denmark the audio takes just 17ms to travel >1000km


That's fast enough to play live music

User Feedback

Worked great between Chicago and Seattle! Crad bought you 3 Beers

It's overwhelmingly fantastic. It's helped with me being able to teach students over the web. Just a thousand thank yous to the team. Manchester Guitar tutor

Hey man just a heads up, sublive is as good as ever, i noticing the avg improvement rate of my students has increased thanks to the use of it. To you guys I am grateful Squitsy Sam

Wow. I’ve been teaching remotely all year, private instruction and also even ensemble classes, and the latency has been a huge downer. Zoom also doesn’t handle full-spectrum audio well ImpossibleAir4310

J’ai essayé avec des potes en studio c’est complètement dingue! [I tried it with some mates in the studio, it's totally crazy!] Gian Carlo Bravo


Right now Sublive is in beta. Please download and feedback!

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